Happy New Year!

Thanks to all our readers from 2017! We are genuinely wishing for and hope you have a glorious 2018, as we are planning for. Here is a quick photo recap from our 2017. Enjoy! Cheers!

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Ode To A Rotting Apple

Once the taste of your fruit pierced my lips with satisfaction. Tangy, satisfying, sweet; gratifying and joyful fulfillment of my daily needs. As time jogs along, the sweetness of your tart dies slowly with every passing day; Left only with your rotting core, bitterness and resentment have replaced the sweet. Your etherial magic no longer… Continue reading Ode To A Rotting Apple

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Enchanted Playroom

Now that we finally have Halloween behind us (seriously, this year was nuts!), we're pressing ahead on our next project.  We've always talked about the possibility of creating a playroom for the babe (and any other future children 😉 ) in our basement.  This week we finally took the plunge and really started to make… Continue reading Enchanted Playroom

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Halloween 2017: [How-To] King Kong on The Empire State Building

News Coverage This Year: Mashable ABC News New York Times Fox 13 Utah Salt Lake Tribune FRONT PAGE Houston Chronicle USNEWS NeatoRama Times Union  Connecticut Post KBRQ Radio Relevant Magazine WINA Radio   Videos Of The Display: Salt Lake Tribune Inside Edition ...and my personal favorite news spot so far: Toy Man Television   Building… Continue reading Halloween 2017: [How-To] King Kong on The Empire State Building

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Floating Shelf Hanging Instructions

If you have purchased one of our floating shelves, here is a PDF with the instructions on how to hang it in your living space. Please feel free to ask any questions if you have them! Floating Shelf Hanging Instructions Thanks to our many customers for your loyal support of our small business!


DesignsOn9th’s Etsy Shop Now Open!

Come check out our Etsy shop by clicking HERE! See the handcrafted items we have for sale now at Etsy.com! If you need to liven up your living space, browse through our shop items for options and/or ideas for your own projects! Pictured below are just four of our (over) 100 items we have available.… Continue reading DesignsOn9th’s Etsy Shop Now Open!


Trade Show: DesignsOn9th at “Craft Lake City” 2017!

We had a lot of fun peddling our wares at Craft Lake City this year! It was our first trade show, and we learned a few things as well as sold a bunch of our swag to some great folks! OUR ETSY SHOP IS NOW OPEN, TOO! Visit our shop HERE.   Our display was a… Continue reading Trade Show: DesignsOn9th at “Craft Lake City” 2017!

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The Quickest, Easiest DIY Frame Loom You’ll Ever Use

Please send us your build photos so we can post them and give you credit!! If you've seen the video before, check the last 2 minutes for updates. Paired together with the previous iteration of this loom, the beater bar/spacing bar makes it a complete and total wonder loom! Check out the video and please… Continue reading The Quickest, Easiest DIY Frame Loom You’ll Ever Use

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DIY Frame Loom with Double Sheds

  My wife and I love the ease of warping a frame loom, but very much dislike the cumbersome process of in-and-out it takes with a large needle to weave it.  I decided to take a whack at building a frame loom with a stick that provides sheds in both directions.  Funny thing is, IT… Continue reading DIY Frame Loom with Double Sheds


Building A Teardrop Camper

Just a little video I snapped together from some old photos several years back.  Apparently, I didn't take enough photos of the finished product.  Perhaps I was too busy enjoying the outdoors!   If you want to build your own teardrop, just know that it is a lot easier that you probably think it is!… Continue reading Building A Teardrop Camper

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DIY Build Your Own Shower

A totally doable project for the home owner! "Doable," but perhaps not "fast." Watch the video below for an overview, and read on for more detailed direction. So what we're looking at here is just a set drain pipe and a basic opening for where the shower will go.  The dotted yellow line is where… Continue reading DIY Build Your Own Shower


Build Your Own Rigid Heddle Loom

If you have tried to build your own rigid heddle loom from our material, please contact us with a picture we can feature on this post! My wife is great at weaving! She wanted a rigid heddle loom, and I asked if she would be interested in trying to build one before buying one. I… Continue reading Build Your Own Rigid Heddle Loom


Curb Appeal Facelift Part 4: Porch Pergola With Mister

How to Build a Pergola We're getting the to the fun part now! Plan out your posts, considering your local codes. Then dig the holes.  It took me a full 8 hour day to get these posts in place because they needed to go down so deep. Throw in 50 billion large rocks, and this… Continue reading Curb Appeal Facelift Part 4: Porch Pergola With Mister

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DIY Sawdust Collector

Making an efficient dust collector is not difficult and doesn't even take very long to do! The only thing that you'll really need is a blower motor of some sort.  The one pictured in this post was given to me, but a shop vac motor or even a leaf blower will do just as nice… Continue reading DIY Sawdust Collector