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How to Build a Frame Loom, Best In Class!

Weave twice as fast with twice the uniformity and half the effort with DO9's SUPER FRAME LOOM! Please send us your build photos so we can post them and give you credit!! GET YOUR FULL 20 PAGE PLANS HERE!Paired together with the previous iteration of this loom, the beater bar/spacing bar makes it a complete… Continue reading How to Build a Frame Loom, Best In Class!

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DIY Build Your Own Shower

A totally doable project for the home owner! "Doable," but perhaps not "fast." Watch the video below for an overview, and read on for more detailed direction. So what we're looking at here is just a set drain pipe and a basic opening for where the shower will go.  The dotted yellow line is where… Continue reading DIY Build Your Own Shower


French Parlor Doors, Part 1

Project Prep Once again, we are working on a semi-major, structural building project in our house. Now that the fireplace is complete, we are adding parlor doors to the coved entryway between the dining room and the entry/living room. We purchased the French doors from a souvenir shop down the street for $100. They are stained… Continue reading French Parlor Doors, Part 1

Looks for Less

Looks For Less: Chandeliers and Pendant Lights

And we're back for part 2 of our lighting edition.  Let's be real, how much time do you spend looking up at your ceiling?  You probably think you spend plenty of time but let me tell you something - if this is what you're looking at when you look up, you're not spending enough time… Continue reading Looks For Less: Chandeliers and Pendant Lights