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The Quickest, Easiest DIY Frame Loom You’ll Ever Use

Please send us your build photos so we can post them and give you credit!! If you've seen the video before, check the last 2 minutes for updates. Paired together with the previous iteration of this loom, the beater bar/spacing bar makes it a complete and total wonder loom! Check out the video and please… Continue reading The Quickest, Easiest DIY Frame Loom You’ll Ever Use


Building A Teardrop Camper

Just a little video I snapped together from some old photos several years back.  Apparently, I didn't take enough photos of the finished product.  Perhaps I was too busy enjoying the outdoors!   If you want to build your own teardrop, just know that it is a lot easier that you probably think it is!… Continue reading Building A Teardrop Camper

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DIY Build Your Own Shower

A totally doable project for the home owner! "Doable," but perhaps not "fast." Watch the video below for an overview, and read on for more detailed direction. So what we're looking at here is just a set drain pipe and a basic opening for where the shower will go.  The dotted yellow line is where… Continue reading DIY Build Your Own Shower

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DIY Sawdust Collector

Making an efficient dust collector is not difficult and doesn't even take very long to do! The only thing that you'll really need is a blower motor of some sort.  The one pictured in this post was given to me, but a shop vac motor or even a leaf blower will do just as nice… Continue reading DIY Sawdust Collector

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Build A Pedestal Table In 15 Steps

...or at least the way I did it Want to build your own pedestal table? Here is a general guide that will help you on that project! Remember, you don't need excessive woodworking skills to accomplish this; you just need to know a few things and be a little handy. This is going from live apricot tree… Continue reading Build A Pedestal Table In 15 Steps


How to Build a Fireplace Part 1: Structure and Cover

Tera found an electric fireplace built by someone in the blog world that inspired her to direct me to build one too.  I haven't ever built a fireplace, and we're currently broke, so this should be an interesting project.  It will be about like everything else I've never built before; we'll see what happens as… Continue reading How to Build a Fireplace Part 1: Structure and Cover

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Bathroom Remodel, Part 2: Tile

    I sheathed the bedroom side of the wall with a 1/2" plywood.  I will still put drywall over it, but I happened to have the plywood and I'm really going to try to deaden the sound as much as possible going through this wall. This will be our baby room later, and I… Continue reading Bathroom Remodel, Part 2: Tile