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Halloween 2017: [How-To] King Kong on The Empire State Building

News Coverage This Year: Mashable ABC News New York Times Fox 13 Utah Salt Lake Tribune FRONT PAGE Houston Chronicle USNEWS NeatoRama Times Union  Connecticut Post KBRQ Radio Relevant Magazine WINA Radio   Videos Of The Display: Salt Lake Tribune Inside Edition ...and my personal favorite news spot so far: Toy Man Television   Building… Continue reading Halloween 2017: [How-To] King Kong on The Empire State Building

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DIY Build Your Own Shower

A totally doable project for the home owner! "Doable," but perhaps not "fast." Watch the video below for an overview, and read on for more detailed direction.   So what we're looking at here is just a set drain pipe and a basic opening for where the shower will go.  The dotted yellow line is… Continue reading DIY Build Your Own Shower

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How To Build A Pedestal Table

...or at least the way I did it in 15 stepsWant to build your own pedestal table? Here is a general guide that will help you on that project! Remember, you don't need excessive woodworking skills to accomplish this; you just need to know a few things and be a little handy. This is going from live… Continue reading How To Build A Pedestal Table