Week 1 and 2 We decided that Lola will get a play room for her birthday this year; not only for her, but for us, too. We have 1350 square feet of unfinished basement to curate, and we wanted to have an out-of-sight-out-of-mind place for the daily messes to be confined to, so we're starting... Continue Reading →

Thanks to all our readers from 2017! We are genuinely wishing for and hope you have a glorious 2018, as we are planning for. Here is a quick photo recap from our 2017. Enjoy! Cheers!

Once the taste of your fruit pierced my lips with satisfaction. Tangy, satisfying, sweet; gratifying and joyful fulfillment of my daily needs. As time jogs along, the sweetness of your tart dies slowly with every passing day; Left only with your rotting core, bitterness and resentment have replaced the sweet. Your etherial magic no longer... Continue Reading →

News Coverage This Year: Mashable ABC News New York Times Fox 13 Utah Salt Lake Tribune FRONT PAGE Houston Chronicle USNEWS NeatoRama Times Union  Connecticut Post KBRQ Radio Relevant Magazine WINA Radio   Videos Of The Display: Salt Lake Tribune Inside Edition ...and my personal favorite news spot so far: Toy Man Television   Building... Continue Reading →

I have been hot-gluing his hairy fabric shell together all day, and his trapezius muscles are looking good so far. What do you think of the profile?   We moved him out of hiding to take on the over-the-fence challenge. Will we break our necks? Let's find out when we try to lift him up... Continue Reading →

If you have purchased one of our floating shelves, here is a PDF with the instructions on how to hang it in your living space. Make sure to choose the correct link, either for your plastic anchors or metal anchors. Metal Anchor Floating Shelf Instructions Floating Shelf Hanging Instructions for Plastic Anchors Please feel free... Continue Reading →

Come check out our Etsy shop by clicking HERE! See the handcrafted items we have for sale now at Etsy.com! If you need to liven up your living space, browse through our shop items for options and/or ideas for your own projects! Pictured below are just four of our (over) 100 items we have available.... Continue Reading →

We had a lot of fun peddling our wares at Craft Lake City this year! It was our first trade show, and we learned a few things as well as sold a bunch of our swag to some great folks! OUR ETSY SHOP IS NOW OPEN, TOO! Visit our shop HERE.   Our display was a... Continue Reading →

Weave twice as fast with twice the uniformity and half the effort with DO9's SUPER FRAME LOOM! Please send us your build photos so we can post them and give you credit!! GET YOUR FULL 20 PAGE PLANS HERE! Paired together with the previous iteration of this loom, the beater bar/spacing bar makes it a... Continue Reading →

Just a little video I snapped together from some old photos several years back.  Apparently, I didn't take enough photos of the finished product.  Perhaps I was too busy enjoying the outdoors!   If you want to build your own teardrop, just know that it is a lot easier that you probably think it is!... Continue Reading →

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