Enchanted Playroom

Now that we finally have Halloween behind us (seriously, this year was nuts!), we’re pressing ahead on our next project.  We’ve always talked about the possibility of creating a playroom for the babe (and any other future children 😉 ) in our basement.  This week we finally took the plunge and really started to make some progress.  This will be the first room we’ve started to tackle in our unfinished basement and the excitement around here is truly palpable!

The room we are working with resides just below are kitchen right off the bottom of the stairs.  When we first moved in a little over 6 years ago, it was described as the “third” bedroom.  The problem is, it’s really too small by modern standards to be a bedroom because of the small window and pretty unusable closet (under the stairs; complete with spider condominiums) so it can’t be considered up to code to be a bedroom.

So alas, we recently decided it would be a good space to make as a studio/office for me.  It is big enough for me to work in and store supplies and we thought we’d try to utilize under the stairs as some built in storage or something.  However, just as that plan was starting to develop, I started to feel like maybe this room was meant to be something else.  I knew we could utilize that space under the stairs wisely and really wanted to get the most out of the space with it already being such a small room.

Then BAM! An idea hit me, “what if we made this the space for Lola’s playroom?”  It’s not huge, but she doesn’t really need a ton of space, just enough to store the serious pile of toys she’s hoarding and break out some imagination.  And just like that, another studio/craft/office space for me got taken over by the kiddo.  Nursery room all over again. Good thing she is cute, and I had some serious design juices flowing that I just couldn’t ignore.

The most genius idea so far has been to transform the “closet” under the stairs into a play house, complete with kitchen, loft and secret hideout!  I also want to incorporate a play market because her favorite thing to do right now is sell us severely overpriced ice cream and other such goods.  Seriously, this kid is going to be a millionaire.  And honestly, make believe ice cream is only so good, not sure it’s worth the “100 bucks” she’s charging for it.

Anyway, I also wanted to be able to include a table area where she can doodle and have a place to set out her toys, etc.  We’re currently planning to build in some book shelves with a window bench with under seat storage.

I really wanted it to feel enchanted and whimsical.  When I was a little girl, my mom painted the room my sisters and I shared with woodland critters, a huge forest tree and a little girl picking flowers.  I always loved that and kind of wanted to create something similar for Lola.  But, lacking the artistic skills my mother has, I pulled out my good ole’ shopping skills and found some great wall decals I think will be perfect.

I really think she’s going to love this space for years to come and I’m working hard to be sure it’s not too baby-ish or over themed with Disney characters (no offense Don Duck, as Lola calls him) but I want her to love this space and also have it be a little more neutral for any other kiddos we add to the mix.

Here is the mood board I designed so far:Woodland Playroom

What do you all think?  Do you have  a designated play area for your little ones? What are your thoughts on themed rooms or do you prefer something more neutral?  We’d love to hear your what you think.

Check back for more updates and tutorials on the build process!


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