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Newest Updates on DO9’s King Kong Halloween Build

Today was a productive day! We got Kong’s head basically finalized last night and added to the Empire State Building today. Check out the progress!





I snipped out these spire additions from the last styrofoam sheet we got (for free!) and painted them in the darker grey color.  This is going to define it as the Empire State Building, or at least I hope it does! Lots of folks have been guessing an LDS temple, which we would never want to do because it would be so offensive; especially in Salt Lake City.



Ok, I’m feeling very happy about how the scale turned out on this after my precarious climb up and attachment. It looks awesome at night and from across the street!



Like I was saying…

(Pictures just totally suck at fully capturing any Halloween display’s feeling, although I’m pleased with the way these look)



We tossed on Kong’s head tonight, and are exceptionally pleased with the body-to-head ratio of scale! So far it’s only been seen by myself, Tera, and our 70’s-era acid casualty neighbor that was walking by with her dog right after we attached it.  I don’t know her name, but she is a loyal fan of our Halloween projects and we love her just like she is :’)





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