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Building King Kong for the Empire State Building: Halloween 2017

So here’s what we’re going for with our top-of-the-ESB Kong idea. That, mixed with a bit of Kong from the 20’s-era Jack Black rendition of the movie. Let’s see where we get with this!



Ok, so you have to start somewhere…we blocked in a cardboard base and added some wood so we can attach it to the body later on.



Just some old boxes, a little duct tape, and wood and finish nails.



After adding upcycled packaging material (thanks, Amazon), tape, pool noodles from the Dollar Store, and a few reshapings, this is where we are. Because of the colors going on, he kind of looks like a clown right now…or a fish with that mouth …or, you know, a clownfish. Guff guff guff….



We spent a long time looking at images of Kong and apes in general, and made these few structural changes to the mouth, brow, and cheekbones.



…and from an additional standpoint…



Now comes the fake leather, courtesy of Jason. The typical ape hourglass facial shape is coming to form tonight! Nice job, lover Tera! Very well done! We’ll be working on the fur tomorrow.



Meanwhile, I’m outside the garage working on his body. I hope this turns out for Halloween 2017. I’m still not satisfied with his body at this point, but we did get an idea from bro-in-law Jason to use black trash bags for covering in areas where his skin is rawer and less hairy.



Stay tuned for updates, we plan to have the whole damn thing done and up after tomorrow or the next day!



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