DesignsOn9th’s Etsy Shop Now Open!

Come check out our Etsy shop by clicking HERE!

See the handcrafted items we have for sale now at! If you need to liven up your living space, browse through our shop items for options and/or ideas for your own projects! Pictured below are just four of our (over) 100 items we have available. Support local business and shop small!

We do our part to be good stewards of our environment and resources through our building processes and business practices!

Macrame and weavings are done by Tera, our in-house design expert/mom/crafter. This is one of her more lovely simple pieces, and my current favorite!

macrame 1

How can you live in a warm home without the housewarming effect of a lovely candle holder? Ammon, our “Woodworker & Etc.” man keeps the lathe busy and the table saw a’buzzin’.

candle holder 2


Traditional art pieces such as this extra large woven tapestry wall hanging were all done on complex looms built by Ammon and then utilized by Tera (yes, we’re old school like that, and we love it). This piece is exceptionally large, and very inviting! The raw natural branch and asymmetrical fringe pattern give it a warm bohemian feeling, while being neutrally colored to fit with almost any style or color palette.

weaving 1


Because we locally source our wood and fell most of our own trees, we get exceptional and unique tree dissections that stand out from the “run-of-the-mill” types of log slices.  This apricot tree spent its ±25 year life in our neighborhood, about 2 blocks away. Dried, chopped, and surfaced now, the two pairs of end tables we have available will brighten someone’s homes for many generations, as it did in the back yard of our neighbors’ home for the previous three decades.



We really enjoy bringing home warmth, ideas, and inspirations to people! We hope that you will take a peek at our current offerings over at Etsy!

Click here or select “SHOP” from the header menu to see what all we have available!

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