Trade Show: DesignsOn9th at “Craft Lake City” 2017!

We had a lot of fun peddling our wares at Craft Lake City this year! It was our first trade show, and we learned a few things as well as sold a bunch of our swag to some great folks! OUR ETSY SHOP IS NOW OPEN, TOO! Visit our shop HERE.



Our display was a big part of our booth, which doesn’t seem like something that would be a big deal; but BOY it was hot! Moving all of the stands, faux walls, and items was a huge task!


Items we were selling included floating shelves with raw edges, prints and dangle frames, macrame and weaved wall hangings, coffee tables, candlesticks, log slice-and-hairpin end tables… we had a LOT of inventory!


Thanks and fond cheers to all our newly found friends and vendors! We mostly value the networking expansion of crafting entrepreneurs and weirdos (it’s a good thing; we are too) we made at this event, more so than the business we did!

If you are considering doing a trade show with your crafts, go for it! Our advice would be that you pick a show that best fits your craft, and pay the extra (nominal) fee for prominent placement of your booth. The folks coming in look at the first booths first when they are forming their image memories of first impressions about what they might buy.  Having a great spot is a great idea!

Best of luck on your potential trade show!


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