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The Quickest, Easiest DIY Frame Loom You’ll Ever Use

Please send us your build photos so we can post them and give you credit!!

If you’ve seen the video before, check the last 2 minutes for updates.

Paired together with the previous iteration of this loom, the beater bar/spacing bar makes it a complete and total wonder loom! Check out the video and please leave us comments if you have any!

My wife and I love the ease of warping a frame loom, but very much dislike the cumbersome process of in-and-out it takes with a large needle to weave it.  I decided to take a whack at building a frame loom with a stick that provides sheds in both directions, and also *now* a beater bar that additionally provides good spacing for the shed stick so there are no skipped warp threads when changing sheds. This thing works like a professional weaving loom, and it was free and only took two afternoons to leisurely slap together! With the added ease of the beater bar, it is a near perfect companion to those who don’t have so much time for long, arduous weaving project setup.

If you’ve seen the diagram from before, here is the updated one. 

Quickest, Best Frame Loom

Happy building, and happy weaving! Cheers!


How to build it for yourself:


Thanks to Chuck Pappas for sending in a photo of his loom build from our video and diagram!

It looks like he has built his a bit longer than ours, and this is a good time to reiterate that you can make whatever size you want! Just remember that the total warp pegs need to be an even number, and the total shed bar pegs need to be an odd number! 


Thanks, Chuck!


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