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DIY Frame Loom with Double Sheds

Full diagram available upon request!



My wife and I love the ease of warping a frame loom, but very much dislike the cumbersome process of in-and-out it takes with a large needle to weave it.  I decided to take a whack at building a frame loom with a stick that provides sheds in both directions.  Funny thing is, IT TURNED OUT FANTASTIC! This thing works like a professional weaving loom, and it was free and only took an afternoon to leisurely slap together! Take a look at the video and diagram, and I will be happy to answer any questions in the comments below if you need clarification on anything.

Happy building, and happy weaving!





2 thoughts on “DIY Frame Loom with Double Sheds”

  1. This is Bryan, thats one amazing loom design, the simplification of it its inspiring, i would patentize that before a chinese dude makes an immitation.


    1. Bryan,

      Go to our “Contact Us” link found in the menu at the top of our homepage and send me your email! I know you’re having trouble contacting us, so that’s the easiest way to make sure the message goes through.

      Cheers, friend!


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