Build Your Own Rigid Heddle Loom

My wife wanted a rigid heddle loom, and I asked if she would be interested in trying to build one before buying one. I spent an evening before sleep in bed that night reading about them, looking at pictures, and learning about the components of them. They really are quite simple machines.

Full diagram available upon request!


Using some things that were already lying around our garage, I was able to put this loom together and make a quick little video about how it was done.



It was really quite easy and didn’t take much time! I found myself barely pulling out a tape measure for this project. She’s weaving her first project on it now, and it looks fabulous!


If you need to use new materials on your project, here is a store list:


One 2x6x10 $7.54

Two 3′ dowels at 1″ $2.44

Bailing wire roll $8.92

Ten 3″ screws $0.50

Four large zip ties $2.27

Carpenter’s/wood glue $3.63

Total new supplies cost $25.30


16 thoughts on “Build Your Own Rigid Heddle Loom”

  1. Great Job! I’m very impressed. Obviously your skill and talent make it look easy. I appreciate your addition of a diagram. If I were to change one thing to would be to film with the phone in a horizontal position. But it is not worth re-filming. You should be proud of this family heirloom. (Pun intended)


    1. Haha, intended or not, pun appreciated! I don’t consider myself horribly skilled; I was hoping to show how easy it can be to do! If only I could go back and film in landscape. I know that makes the clip a bit harder to watch. Thanks for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated!


    1. Hey, thanks very much for the idea! I’m always looking for more things to build! I will check out the link you provided and give it a shot. Stay tuned for that in the next couple of weeks…


      1. awesome – there are a number of examples of extant looms on pinterest – i personally like the variation of the (not sure right term here) roller to hold the thread/yarn like in the sample i sent you.. look forward to seeing what you come up with – rj

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        1. g’day, Thanks for the great loom instructions…. I am participating in historical re-enactment also, so I would love to see how you interpret making a medieval loom. Again,thanks and don’t let the silent idea thieves ruin your joy in sharing… shows how good you are when people take what you do for granted… if they thanked you, they would have to admit to themselves that they learnt something… bit hard for high ego types…


    1. That’s a good question! I don’t know where you’d buy them, but the demo video I did actually makes them from wood. I’ve had a few comments that folks didn’t think they’d hold up to the pressure, being wood and all, but we haven’t had any problems at all with ours, and they can tighten down as tight as we want them. If making them from wood, use a hand saw (instead of jigsaw, etc) and you’ll get more accurate cuts. I love questions, please ask if you have any more!


    1. Yes, I sure have! I’ve got ideas floating around about it now, but lack the time currently to get it going. I should also have a pedal powered loom coming up sometime, all diy too!


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