Motorized Bicycle Accident

Chalk another one up for hurting myself…


I’ve had this bike motor kit for a few years now, and I’m getting it back up and going today.  I took the whole thing apart and came just short of rebuilding it, and put it back together on the old lady bike I chose for it.

Because of my genius, I thought it would be a good idea to see if it fired up without reinstalling the clutch lever. The break lever was put back on, but not adjusted to actually do much of anything. In my heart, I “knew” it wouldn’t start up, so I gave it a go. The damn thing kicked right over like a high quality motor when I push started it. Of course I had to jump on it instead of just lifting up the back wheel. I made it about a block and pulled off the spark plug cap.  Then I turned it around to head home and push started it again.  It got ahead of me because it was firing really well, and I jumped on it wonkily. I also realized at this point that the throttle was locked and wouldn’t do anything. I ran into a curb at full speed and into a brick retaining wall in my neighbor’s yard.

My right knee slammed and scraped on the brick wall.



My left knee cracked against the wall too, but didn’t get so much of the sandpaper effect as the right knee did, although I’m sure that my left big toe is now broken.


My spine also bent over the edge of the top of the wall like a rubber chicken being swung into a pole. My shoulder and back are severely sore, and I can barely walk.

I wasn’t wearing a helmet either. I’m lucky I didn’t crack my skull. The worst part was getting the wind completely knocked out of me.  I couldn’t breathe properly for like 45 minutes, and that was the most terrifying part.

Let me be your crash test dummy. YOU remember to wear all the dorky-ass safety gear that your mom always wanted you to. Also, just don’t be stupid like me and test ride your motorized bicycle before it is fully assembled and tested on a bike stand or kick stand.

I’m sure I’ll have more mortal mishaps for everyone soon! I’ll keep you posted…


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  1. Your wife needs to take that shit away from you. My bike wreck was fun too. Un motorized going about 18 on wrong side of sidewalk bam truck pull right in front of me so I hit him. Came to instant stop. Big bruise on hip. Almost wrecked motorized one because road had flaw and it forced tire into curb.. i looked like a goof. Side to side and tore the hell out of my shoes doing that. Funny painful stuff. 🙂


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