Looks for Less: Dining Tables

Happy Sunday, y’all!  It’s time for another Looks for Less edition.  This time we’re talking about dining tables.

When we were first hunting for the right house, I knew that I had to have a decent sized dining room.  I feel like there is something special about gathering around the dining table each day to eat our meals together and talk about our day and our dreams.  We use our dining table for our meals, for crafts with our sweet babe, and as a make-shift ironing board whenever I make curtains or other sewing projects!  This makes it important for us to have the right piece in our space.

Just like my obsession for knobs and lighting, dining tables have a special place in my heart!  The only difference is that because of the price and size, it’s harder to change them out often when I fall in love with a new one.  But that’s barely slowed me down!  In the six years we’ve lived in our house we’ve gone through four different dining tables. That’s almost one new table each year!  The first was a hand-me-down with matching chairs that Ammon received before we were married.  We painted it black and used it for some time.  Next was a set a purchased from the classifieds for $100 for six upholstered chairs and a beautiful solid wood table that had two leaves and seated up to twelve.  I refinished the table and reupholstered the chairs in linen with large nail head trim.  We loved that set but the table was just a bit too large.  Our next table was from one of the websites featured in today’s post, Home Decorators line from Home Depot.  It was the the Preston Dining Table and it was lovely.  But when Ammon decided to move to wood working full time, I thought it was so silly that our dining table wasn’t made by him.  He is incredible and I knew our next table should be crafted by him.  It is a beautiful table with a herringbone design on the top.  He made it entirely out of reclaimed wood, mostly pallets.  You would never know and it cost us next to nothing; something I just can’t complain about. We’ll go over dining chairs in another post, including my feelings about dining chairs and toddlers.  Because seriously, the most important thing for us right now is that they are chocolate milk resistant and that you can clean crayon off with relative ease.  Both are encounters we have had this week, so far…

Without further ado, here are today’s finds from Pottery Barn and Home Decorators (plus another couple bonuses from the lovely World Market):


Pottery Barn – Benchwright Table $1399        World Market – Wood Garner Table $359.99

Pottery Barn –  Lorraine Pedestal Table $1999  HD – Aldridge Round Table $699

Pottery Barn – Benchwright Pedestal $2199    HD – Cane Round Dining Table $699

Pottery Barn –  Banks Table $1689           HD – Aldrige Dining Table $999

Pottery Barn – Rae Bistro Table $299           World Market – Nerissa Dining Table $239 


I’m in love with the Aldridge Table Collection from Home Decorators.  It’s timeless and beautiful!  What are your favorites?  What do you look for in a dining table? Do you prefer rectangular or round?  Or something else altogether?

P.S.  Did you see the price differences!?! We’re talking over $1000 smackeroos on some of these pieces.  It’s a no brainer!

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