French Parlor Doors, Part 3

Hanging The Doors

See Part 1 and Part 2 if you’re just catching up with this project!


Now the real fun begins!  I just love to sand off old stain and lacquer (yeah, no). I used my belt sander to take it down to the wood, and my orbital sander to finish it up.  The glazing strips of wood on the glass are far to fine to run sandpaper over, so I’m just using a deglosser to rough that part up and make it more apt to accept a first paint coat. Even with the best of tool choices to pick from, both doors front and back took me about 3 hours. Then I had to paint them. Yikes!



I hung each of the doors, making sure again that the window panes on the doors matched up just right with the window panes on the sidelites.  The new wood you see here is the gap between the stud and the top of the doors. I hung the doors first so I could get that piece just right.



It is important to always check that things work while you go.  The doors swing open and shut with no rubbing and about 1/8″ gap between this new wood and the top of the door.



Using the same method as before for the window panes, I cut out a piece of molding from another toss-off 2×4, except I only routed one side and left the other at 90° for the doors to rest against. The very best way that I know of to place this molding just right is to close the doors flush on the opposite side, then press the molding agains the door and nail away.



Man, that’s a nice snug fit against the door!  I’m totally happy with it.



The painted doors are now hung and they close nicely against the railing.  On to the next phase…molding-in3


This project is in progress, so check back for the next update at in 2 days!

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