Should I Buy a Nice Camera?

5 thoughts about investing in a DSLR camera

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A DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera is a very nice thing to have; so is a Lamborghini Countach, although a Geo Prizm will get you from A to B roughly as effectively (but maybe not as quickly). In the age of smart phones and their camera innovations, you may or may not need this photographic upgrade for your every day use. So, do you really need a nice digital camera? I’d suggest the following 5 thoughts before making this decision.

Opportunistic Convenience

“Dude, get a photo of that luscious Geo Prizm over there before the stoplight changes!”

So you either have your DSLR on you, or you don’t, but your phone is almost certainly right there in your pocket or purse.  Having your big’n around isn’t always easy. It is another thing to find a place for, and another bulky thing to carry.  There are different lenses and filters, a tripod, the bag itself, etc. The batteries have their own bulky charger too (not just a cord), so it’s a kind of a commitment. Much like owning a Geo.


There’s just no way to compare a phone photo with a DSLR image.  If you have no knowledge of photography but you like fashion, you can tell the difference by your profile selfie and the photos on your magazine. Having a fantastic photo, as I have come to truly learn just recently, makes all the difference on your first impression of something. When you’re showing that stoplight photo to your buddies in a fraction of the definition it could have been, it’s just not the same. And that Geo was an ’89. Shame.


As mentioned above, “it’s another thing to find a place for.” That place may be somewhere that you can’t see and will likely neglect after a while. I think most folks would admit to some level of feeling that they could take more pictures with their DSLR, especially because of the storability of digital. Not using a $700 camera can eat at you if you don’t have gobs of money to blow.


There are about 4 billion + settings on a camera that will leave you very confused at first if you’re a beginner.  You will definitely spend (at very least) a few hours on learning the most basic of functions. It is a commitment if you want to get your money’s worth out of your purchase.

Priceless Joy

I fully suggest getting a nice DSLR, but only if you will use it.  If you are like us, a $700 camera is a big investment, but one that ends up being so, so worth it! Looking back on your family memories in high definition is something that is truly priceless. Phone photos are nice, and I still use them frequently, but nothing compares to a nicely staged, well developed high definition photo.

If you choose to buy a camera with WiFi and/or wireless capabilities, you can also download a free app that will load the photos onto your phone/computer immediately after taking them, and also lets you use your phone as a remote for group photos, etc. Very cool stuff.

So the question remains; would I take a Countach or a Prizm if I had the choice? Duh, there is no comparison. Of course I would take the Countach.  I’d drive it for a month or so and take lots of photos of it with my DSLR. Then I’d sell it, keep $299,500 and buy a Geo with the other $500. Duh.

Buy a DSLR camera.  It’s a wonderful investment, and you will absolutely not regret it if you only use the thing.


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