Looks for Less: Table Lamps

TGIF, Y’all!  Am I the only one that still says that or is it still a thing? I have to ask these days because I’m seriously out of touch with what’s hip with the youth and all.  However, I’m right up to speed with what’s hip in lighting, and I have some seriously good finds for you today!  We taking another peek at two of my go-to shopping spots; Target and World Market.  If you’ve been keeping up with us already, you know about my obsession with these two fine establishments and how you can procure all of life’s treasures there.

Today we’ll be comparing some table lamps from Target and WM with the almighty Restoration Hardware.  Seriously, who doesn’t love themselves some good ol’ fashion RH.  With the new lines they’ve been branching out with (check out their new RH Modern line if you haven’t already; it’s truly dreamy) they have some incredible choices when it comes to lighting.  However, their drool-worthy pieces usually come with a price tag that may set you back a few luxury yachts and probably the 24 karat gold tennis racket on your wish list already.  So take a look at these finds and pay very close attention the the price difference; it makes an already sound financial decision stupid easy.

RH – SQUARE COLUMN ACCENT LAMP $305     Target – Concrete Table Lamp $47.99

RH – BEAM ACCENT LAMP $695               Target – Brass and Marble Box Accent Lamp $27.99

RH – CYLINDRICAL COLUMN TABLE LAMP $275      Target – Dark Grey with Brass $19.99

RH – 20TH C. TORPEDO TASK TABLE LAMP $239    Target – Mid Century Lamp Brass $23.99

RH – CYLINDRICAL CRYSTAL TABLE LAMP $545   Target – Talar Table Lamp Clear $109.99

RH – FACETED TABLE LAMP $795          Target – Lite Source Piera 1 Light Table Lamp $93.99

RH – SALVAGED DRIFTWOOD LAMP $450    WM – Driftwood Table Lamp Base $59.99

RH – 19TH C. MERCURY GLASS LAMP $195     Target – Shannin Table Lamp $119.99

RH – JUNEAU TABLE LAMP $725          WM – Acrylic Pillar Nina Table Lamp Base $69.99

So which ones do you love most? I’ve been eyeing a place for that brass and marble cube lamp from Target for some time now.  I’m just waiting for the stars to align to make it mine!  Where are your favorite places to score a sweet deal?

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