Looks for Less: Anthropologie Knock-off Knobs

Hey peeps!!!

Who doesn’t love getting a designer look for less???  Anyone that knows me knows that I’m always looking for the best deal.  My mom always told me that everything costs something – either time or money.  We’re pretty short on both of those resources these days, but somehow time is a little easier to come by (barely).  That being said, I’m still a person that loves the small things and it’s the little details that make a room to me. Knobs are one of my favorite things to buy!  I can’t remember the last piece of furniture I purchased that I didn’t pretty much immediately replace the knobs on, and our house is peppered with an eclectic mix of knobs throughout.

When we first bought our house I thought I wanted everything to match and coordinate, but the longer we’ve been here the more I feel like I love mixing things up.  There’s no easier way to change the look and feel of a piece of furniture or a door than by changing out the hardware!  If you’re looking for something on trend, traditional, eclectic or totally unique, there’s no better place to look than Anthropologie.  Some of my favorite pieces of hardware have made their way into our home by way of my dreamy walk-throughs of Anthropologie heaven!  We’re fortunate to have one not too far away from our home and I’m forever grateful.  The only downside – the price tag!  It’s not too bad if you only need one or two pieces, but if you’re outfitting an entire six drawer dresser, that price can add up quickly.

On my hunt for a cheaper alternative I stumbled across some real beauties, at none other than Hobby Lobby!  They’ve always had a great selection of knobs – with great prices to boot – but they’re starting to become even more on trend with a great designer look.  If you’re a regular like I am then you’ll probably be likely to catch them when they’re 50% off t00. **Major bonus** Check out the finds from my last trip:

Anthropologie – Saddle Stitch Pull – $18             Hobby Lobby – Leather Loop Pull – $3.50

Anthropologie – Frosted Timber Knob – $10        Hobby Lobby – Pearl & Resin Knob – $3.00

Anthropologie – Crowned Quartz Knob – $28       Hobby Lobby – Rough Knob – $7.50

Anthropologie – Faceted Ory Knob – $10          Hobby Lobby – Geometric Metal Knob – $2.50

Anthropologie – Ocean Crater Knob – $10     Hobby Lobby – Turquoise Crackle Knob – $3.00

Anthropologie – Tuva Knob – $10            Hobby Lobby – Glass & Antique Gold Knob – $2.50

Anthropologie – Prismatic Gem Knob $18.00            Hobby Lobby – Hexa Knob – $2.00

Hurry into Hobby Lobby and pick up some of these wonderful charms!

P.S. I’m not gonna lie, I may or may not have purchased another set of knobs during the making of this post 😉


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