Giving the Middle Finger to the Table Saw

I have never once had a power tool accident that involved any blades, which I’ve been very proud of up until two days ago.  While I was cutting out glazing strips for the French door project, my left middle finger decided (on its own) to go to war with the blade of my table saw. It was a quick war, but an exceptionally painful one.


This is the first picture of it. We’re about 2-5 minutes out from trauma when this photo was taken. After it happened I stuck it in my mouth, bit down to reduce bleeding, went to the sink, rinsed it out, poured peroxide on it, picked out the splinters with tweezers, and then took this photo. While that was happening, I realized that my body had entered into shock and went to the couch with a catch bowl and some alcohol and peroxide.

I then took this video of it to get the whole idea down.  You’ll have to excuse the language and loopy, drunk speech in the video; like I said, I’m in shock and trying to decide if I should go to the doctor. Will I go to the doctor? Hell no. Not if I can help it, and I will.


Oh, good golly, this is horrifically painful. Somehow and luckily, it doesn’t seem to be profusely bleeding anymore. Perhaps no main blood transporting veins or arteries were struck, but I’m feeling more confident in a scenario that suggests they were mangled enough to be tied and/or twisted shut, and that may explain the lack of crazy blood loss.  Maybe I just have terrible circulation.  Maybe I’m just used to getting chopped and I’m not impressed with my own blood loss anymore. In any case, this is about 10-15 minutes after initial trauma.

…and so the proper sterilization begins.  If you want to witness me in a LOT of excruciating pain, watch this video of me pouring isopropyl alcohol on my wide open finger.  Yeah, I decided resolutely on not going to the doctor and this is my solution instead. This should be stitched, understand.  I know that, and am willfully deciding against the urgent care visit to save the bother and etc. Watching this video makes my toes feel like they are vomiting tapeworms.

This is the day after I got my lovely new war wound, sometime in the AM. It actually looks pretty decent considering that I should have been stitched yesterday. No pus so far, so I hope I’m in the clear as far as infections go. It looks promising. Since the last picture and this one, I have propped it open again and used tweezers to remove the debris and dead flesh I found down deep. It is so much easier to do that to someone else, by the way. Picking through your own live innards is complicated by the fact that you feel everything that is happening.


Moving on to day three of recovery. It looks like my finger has dried out zombie gonorrhea, and I’ll be the first to admit that it just might, although  a lot of the dry, lighter looking spots are from Neosporin being showered with hydrogen peroxide and some cotton stuck in it.


I removed more of the gooey leukocyte runoff sheet that my finger expelled over the last two days with some sanitized nail clippers and here is where it stands now. This is eight days from initial trauma. All things considered, this is looking quite like a finger in decent shape.  My daughter kicked me in the finger a few days ago, and then whacked it with a book tonight (which split it back open both times), so I’ve been reminded a bunch how deep this hack job was, how much it sucks, and just how painful reopening an existing wound is. A fella just can’t get a break.


Now things are shaping up nicely. The various and sundry cells that aren’t needed are finding their way to the surface and expelling themselves. The human body is disgustingly fantastic. This photo is fourteen days from trauma.



…and again, I have to applaud my body for figuring out how to make sense of this big mess. It looks fantastic! I am at about three weeks from trauma and this is starting to look like it’s trying to get back to normal!


  1. Gnarly Ammon! I had a similar cut on the tip of my ring finger several years ago. Still sensitive to playing guitar and Uke.


  2. g’day, I’m impressed how well your body recovered, a year ago now… I did a similar injury while trying to look efficient at work for the new owner. Not a great first impression, but, I too didn’t get stitches, nor miss any time from work. Take care of yourself, you mean the world to your family, and I am selfishly impressed by your looms.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello friend,

      Thanks for your compliments on the looms! They have a lot of potential to help folks with the DIY aspect of getting their own setup that they understand. I think a lot of the start up problems with folks interested in weaving come from not understanding what they are doing. I wish that a lot more folks could see our weaving innovations more clearly, but that probably falls under our lack of SEO optimization and marketing tactics. “The Interwebs,” right?

      By the way, my left middle finger still opens my phone’s Touch ID now. I have the same phone with the same fingerprints stored on it since before that accident. I’m incredibly proud of the suture line I did myself on it.



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