Bathroom Remodel, Part 3: Tub & Toilet


Now that the grout is in place, I can finally install the toilet we ordered! It went down just right, so my measurements worked out! This step would normally come somewhere around the end of the process, but we just couldn’t wait to not go down into our spidery basement anymore to do our business! The drywall will fit just fine behind the toilet tank, so it will be a matter of 6-8 difficult screws to work around this. NBD, and so worth it.


I was also able to finally put the tub back on the ground from its rigged up shelf. Here it is just temporarily in place. Tera decided that she really liked it on a slight diagonal, so it won’t be parallel to either of the walls, as is standard.


The tub will be angled like this.  Tera wants it this way, and I am not so sure it will look right not being perpendicular to either wall. She is the expert when it comes to design, so I’ve learned to just follow her lead on things like this.  Here are the chalk marks I figured on.  I’ve never set a floor-standing tub before (or any tub), so we’ll see how this goes!


I placed these 2 X 4’s into the base of the tub so I can have something to attach it to the floor with.  They are exceptionally snug and in place, although I don’t think that is extremely necessary because of the weight factor.


…and after about two days of messing with this #$%*! of a job, the tub is permanently in place and it is plumbed in with pressure lines and plumbed out through a drain.  I drilled holes in the wood on the bottom of the tub and drilled holes through the floor to the basement.  I then put carriage bolts into the wood and secured them from the basement. The free standing faucet was a ridiculous, terrible job!  It took so much tinkering that, like I said, it took me two days to figure out entirely. This particular faucet may be something that you’d want to hire out to someone else if you are considering a similar piece. Yikes!


Oh that glorious moment when you realize that you don’t have to shower over a floor drain in your basement with a tarp hanging around you. Glorious. The water on the floor is just from us getting in and out of the tub.  It definitely does not leak, which I’m elated about. I’m also quite elated that there is a photo of me naked in a bathtub out there on the internet now.


If you remember from the demolition post photos, we have an AC duct that we needed to move so we can install the shower.  This doesn’t look pretty, but it sure will later on.  I rerouted the ducting in the basement to have the upturn here in the wall instead of where it was. It is now in place, and ready for drywall.

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