Bathroom Remodel, Part 1: Demolition




What is a decent house without a good bathroom? We have one of the most awful galley bathrooms you can imagine, and it needs to change now after living with it for a couple years.

This is just a glimpse of the terribleness that is our bathroom.  They have these pink heart tiles going up about four feet high from the floor, an awful, horrible pink bathtub with mold and stains all over it, and this lovely 1950’s builder-grade vanity with a seashell sink on top.  Does it get any worse than this? If you live in America, the answer is absolutely “no,” and either way it doesn’t matter.  We are about to rip all of this trash out and start from the barest of bare bones. We are also planning on stealing some closet space from the room next door.  Any bathroom is a big job, and we’re also going to open up a wall.  All plumbing and electricity will be removed and replaced.  It’s a good thing our basement is unfinished so I have access to everything underneath!


In this fuzzy, terribly picture, you can see that this is just a galley bathroom.  We are going to change that by taking out the left wall in this photo.


Horrible vanity, terrible sink, awful handles and hardware, yucky medicine cabinet. All leaving very soon.


This bathtub is so disgusting that my wife Tera won’t even take a bath in it.  She is a bath queen, so that really is saying a lot to those who know her.


This double-slipper, copper tub was our first purchase for the bathroom.  I wanted to have it here before we began because I wasn’t sure if we could finagle it through the hall and then the bathroom door. It will live here in our entryway until I can get to tearing out the wall, because it turns out that I was right; there is no possible way to get it inside the bathroom! Good foresight on my part, which isn’t always the case…


…and here we are now.  I have capped the pressure lines in the plumbing, removed the tub, vanity, toilet, medicine cabinet, linoleum flooring, sub flooring, and the wall.  The tub had to be broken into pieces to be removed, as well as the vanity. We were just barely able to fit the new tub through the bedroom door and through the new broken out wall. Apologies for the lighting in this photo; there aren’t any lights in here now!


Now that it’s morning, we can see much better in here. The space between the AC vent and the finished wood flooring used to be part of the bedroom, but we stole it for the new shower and bathtub area.  The tub is inside now too.  I am going to have to work around it for this whole project 😦 because I need to close off the new wall where it came through.


We are currently using this bedroom as a hoarder’s nest of crap, so it looks crazy in there. Anyway, I have now framed in the first half of the new wall. These studs are the standard 16″ apart and I have just used my framing nail gun (on my air compressor) to tack them together.


And now I’ve got the other side framed in. This was a very quick job.  It shouldn’t take you more than about an hour to do this much framing, even with little to no experience!




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