Free Birthday Gift For Wife, “Sara Smile”

*Every year for Tera’s birthday I try to find the worst song ever and spoof it for her. Sometimes I can change the name in the song to “Tera” and I always try to sing with the worst voice (both male and female) that I can muster. Just so that it is clear, I am not one of these American Idol singers that don’t know how horrible they are; I know I am horrible, and that is what makes these spoofs funny for us to listen to!



This take on Daryl Hall and John Oates’s classic is equally as cringing as the previous years. I liked the fact that I could easily change the name “Sara Smile” to “Tera Smile,” but I also liked that there were plenty of backup vocals for me to firebomb throughout the song.  Many fond thanks to Hall and Oates for lobbing me this softball to knock out of the park.

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