Pinkie VS Cement Vanity Top


Pouring a cement vanity top is not difficult once you get the form laid out and ready to go. Four boards, some plywood for the bottom, mix your cement, pour and smooth over.



Watching it dry is even easier. Getting it out of the form is also something of quick and simple task; lift it up, pop it out. NBD.



Bringing the damn thing up from your basement with only the help of a self described “not-very-strong” wife is another thing entirely.  Getting it from the floor to the top of the wood vanity without smashing your fingers or breaking the cement by dropping it is also hard. All of these things were done with relative proficiency until the very last step.  As I was setting it down on the vanity, I failed to move my right pinkie out of the way before releasing.



…and here is what I get for that mistake.  This isn’t the worst thing anyone has ever seen, but boy is it painful! I think if I were to measure the volume of my two pinkies, my right would be at something like 150% of its original volume.



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