Man VS Hobo Spider

Tera and I are at the Whole Foods food and coffee bar for lunch one day and I decide to tell her that I have a wound on my knee that has been there for several days now, and is acting abnormally.  I rolled up my jeans and she pretty much immediately says, “spider bite!”

I went to the doctor semi-immediately and he identified it as most likely being a bite from a hobo spider.

The nurse and doctor scrubbed it out, shot me up with antibiotics, and sent me home with a like prescription to avoid secondary infections. The scrubbing part was fun bidniss.


It’s looking much better after seeing the doc-o and having had a few days to breathe. This is the post trauma recoup stage for the skin cells that still need to figure out what the hell just went wrong with their neighbors.


Every day…every day for two days it’s been gushing pus layers like this. I clean off the pus and a couple hours later it looks like this again. If you look closely you can see in the lower left corner that there is a droplet of pus goo accumulated. That is because the venom etched a canal out to that smaller area and resurfaced. Totally gross and so interesting at the same time.


The two fang entry marks are so clear now that it’s basically recovered from the whole ordeal. The venom’s first and most potent point of entry. Very cool to watch develop on your own body but also quite painful.


Two years later and this is the rock ‘n roll badge I have.

Don’t get bitten by spiders if you can help it. I’d have rather not gone though this one, personally.

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