Free Birthday Gift For Wife, “Endless Love”

*Every year for Tera’s birthday I try to find the worst song ever and spoof it for her. Sometimes I can change the name in the song to “Tera” and I always try to sing with the worst voice (both male and female) that I can muster. Just so that it is clear, I am not one of these American Idol singers that don’t know how horrible they are; I know I am horrible, and that is what makes these spoofs funny for us to listen to!



Lionel Richie and Diana Ross set the mood with this classic duet.  My birthday take on it also sets the mood, but in a way that inspires earplugs and jaw clenching.  Please have a listen and feel free to excoriate me in the comments section for ruining this classic for you.

Because this was my very first experience with GarageBand (on an iPad), I didn’t realize that the microphone on my headphones was the mic that was recording, so it was brushing against my shirt while I was recording.  Please excuse the scratchy sounds. I re-recorded this about 11 or 12 times, but the first one was just so much better that I had to go with it instead of any of the others.



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